This local indie group has no interest in gliding down rivers but rather navigating some rockin' beats.

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By Rayme Samuels

Avid sportsmen they are not. Local indie group Kayakman has no interest in gliding down rivers in narrow boats. They much rather prefer creating beats for Miami's eclectic listening audience. A self-described cosmopolitan rock reggae funk band, Kayakman’s mission is expressed through their own example: by taking risks in order to achieve higher goals.

The unsigned group made up of Tato Vega (lead vocals), Nano Rivas (keyboards), Zeke Maniera (guitar), Keko Kubat (bass), and Seba Acosta (drums) has been playing together for nearly 7 years. They got together at a point in their lives where they were struggling to find a way to put their passion for music into action.

Good friends with area stars Suénalo, the band can get enough of the local sound and is excited about the rapidly increasing movement in Miami that combines art, fashion and music. All connoisseurs of culture before joining forces, the diverse bunch find inspiration in all genres of music, with favorite artists such as The Police, James Brown, and The Beatles.

With three albums already under their belt, the length of time they have been playing together has a huge impact on the seemingly effortless flow of their music. 

“When it comes to writing music we basically bring ideas into the room and start jamming. This interactive inspiration coming from what each of us is feeling [and] evolves into a song,” said Vega.

The ease of their performance is matched only by the ease at which they put their audience, a culturally mixed blend that makes each show enjoyable for these artists. Their fourth soon-to-be-released album entitled “Genghis Khan” is sure to please while their weekly gigs on Miami Beach promise regular opportunities to check out these rising stars.

Kayakman perform every Wednesday night at Waxy O’Connors, 1248 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach; 305-534-7824. Visit their website at www.kayakmanband.com.

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