In Habit


It’s all in the family for this Hialeah-based band.

In Habit
Fabian de la Flor, David Aguirre, Natalie Aguirre, and Christian Aguirre make up In Habit.

By Rayme Samuels

The Hialeah-based family band of rockers called In Habit has manifested a strong inclination towards making great music. They are on a mission to prove that it’s still cool to write original songs that come from the heart and touch the soul. Subscribing to the philosophy that we’re all constantly reliving our habits, despite what walk of life or decision and choices you make, this foursome has had five years of success on the scene.
Members Fabian de la Flor (guitar/keys/ vocals), David Aguirre (bass), Christian Aguirre (drums), and Natalie Aguirre (guitar/ keys) are a tight knit bunch. David and Christian are brothers, Christian is married to Natalie and Fabian is married to Natalie’s sister. While they may not share exactly the same tracks on their iPods, they do share a common affinity for classic bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Fugazi, Radiohead, and Blonde Redhead.

They work together every step of the way, writing lyrics and music, and as soon as a riff is played they bounce ideas back and forth until the song comes into fruition. In all of the time they have been playing together they have never strived to sound like another band or fit in to a particular genre. Fierce songs like “No Laments” ring with an urgency of sound, while “Giants Sleep” showcases a smoother, more sultry side of the group. 

The members of In Habit want their audiences to know that they’ve “been inspired by so many bands and our friends who are out there doing what they love,” said Aguirre, all the while staying true to themselves and playing the type of music they want to play, the way they want to play it.
Future planning includes many life changes that should fuel the songwriting process. Life changing experiences often color their work as a group, and Fabian will soon gear up to become a first time father. Along with his band mates, Fabian will add a plethora of new songs to their collection during this time of transition. What’s for sure is that once the city gets another earful of their sound, many are sure to form a new habit.
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