Featured Dancer: Miami


The Dade County curves and moves on this Tootsie’s Cabaret dancer will have you feeling the hometown pride.

By Samantha Victor

"I love my boobs!" exclaims Miami (the dancer, that is), as she cups one in each hand before rolling down her top and showing off her covetous new D's to the room. Born and raised in Dade, her new rack comes by way of Boca, where a plethora of perfect boobs are born. Though ramping up two cups sizes has enhanced her shape and her tips, one of Tootsie’s Cabaret’s top earners did not account for the effect on her gravitational pull.

"I just put a pole in my house," she explains, "so that I could practice doing my pole tricks with my boobs." The tricks are her signature, and the two-month-old ta-tas, coupled with the laws of physics, threw her off a bit. Still, she performs awesomely for our camera, with an amazing amount of control and strength. The men in the room stare greedily, while the women lament their own lack of upper body strength. Miami is pretty ripped. "I've never been to the gym a day in my life," she says. "The pole keeps me in shape."
You really seem to love the athleticism and sensuality of dancing. Is it your guilty pleasure?
Actually, my guilty pleasure is watching people have sex. Not that I would necessarily join in, but I really like to watch a lot.

So like... adult films?
Well, no. I live in an apartment complex, so I bought binoculars hoping I'd see something. Am I allowed to say...?

Oh, do go on.
I saw a guy naked! But then he put on his little tighty whities and I didn't want to look much after that.

Tighty whities aren't your thing?
Actually, I really like the old man style boxers. You know, like what old Cuban guys wear. Just the regular boxers with the hole in the middle and no button. And a really bad pattern of polka dots or something. Those really turn me on.

What else about a guy can turn you on?
Looks are important to me. But I really like a guy to be smart and respectful, too. This isn't a profession where you get a lot of respect. When I can get that from a guy, then he's got me here (touches heart/left boob).

What do men say is your best feature?
Oh, you know, everything (laughs). Guys in the club tell me they like my eyes. People say I have "bedroom eyes." And I agree they're my best feature.

You're so confident. Is there anything you're not good at?
I am really clumsy. Really, really clumsy. I have good posture, I'm a good dancer, but once I take off these shoes (gestures to 5-inch lucite heels) and put on flats, I'm just a mess. I fall all over the place.

There are many dancers here at Tootsie's. Why should people come to see you?
I give guys a lot of attention. Each guy wants to feel that he's somewhat loved, you know. That’s why customers like me. And they definitely like my boobs!

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