Featured Dancer: Devi


Doe-eyed Colombian stunner Devi love going to the dentist and dancing to rock music (not at the same time).

Does your mouth smell like an Altoid tin? Are your teeth whiter and straighter than Mr. Ed's? If so, you might have a chance with Tootsie's dancer Devi, who lists good oral hygiene at the top of the list when it comes to suitors. "Any guy that wants to get to know me needs to understand that their teeth are really important," she says. "I like a really nice, white, straight smile."

With covetous waist-length hair and pleasing proportions, Devi can make all the dental-related demands she wants. The sultry Colombian sat down with us to answer a few questions.

Miami.com is all about where to go and what to do in Miami. What's a typical Miami weekend like for you?

If I'm not here working, then I love to go out and party at night. During they day I'll either be at the gym or shopping. Shoes, I'm always buying shoes, every color and every type.

Do you have to work out a lot to stay looking good for your job?

Oh yeah! I go to the gym pretty much every day before I come to work.

Do you have any hidden talents you'd like to share?

Not many people know that I'm a really good soccer player. I've been playing since I was little, and I still play almost every weekend. I kick some ass out there! It's why I have great flexibility and stamina.

How do you stand out at Tootsie's when there can be dozens of girls here on any given night?

The way I dress is pretty different. I don't do the matchy-matchy thing so much. I like mixing it up for more a rock look, it helps me get more attention on stage.

Is rock your favorite music to dance to?

Yeah, I love when a good rock song comes on. You can dance slower and look more exotic. It's just so much sexier.

See more of Devi, at Tootsie's Cabaret, 150 NW 183 St., Miami; (305) 651-5822; www.tootsiescabaret.com.

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