Dreaming in Stereo


The wait was worth it for our Band of the Hour as it slowly pieced together its group in order to find the right sound.

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By Rayme Samuels

A former member of the Miami Beach Senior High School Rock Ensemble, Fernando Perdomo eats, sleeps and breathes melodies. A while back he recorded a full album solo and eventually combed Miami for a top-notch band to bring his music to life.  Slowly piecing together the outfit from an acquaintance at a guitar store, the house engineer at University of Miami, a fellow student of the rock ensemble, and finally the former drummer for Hall and Oates, Perdomo created a masterpiece of talent this past July and formed Dreaming in Stereo.

Ranging from ages 19 to 58 the group is made up of Perdomo (guitar/lead vocals), Marisol Garcia (keyboards/vocals), Dave Torre (viola/guitar/vocals), Giuseppe Rodriguez (bass), and the legendary Eddie Zyne (drums). “I love the diversity”, says Perdomo. “Music is a lifelong relationship - older and younger musicians can learn a lot from each other.” Stylistically they look up to The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Gino Vannelli and Diane Birch.

Dreaming in Stereo has already garnered a national following, with their music playing on over 96 college radio stations (charting on 30 stations) and with write ups in Guitar Player Magazine and Keyboard Player Magazine. Ironically enough, they haven’t broken their hometown university’s ranks yet - the band has yet to hear back from WVUM. Their repertoire of songs like “I’m Not Going To Move To L.A.” and “Amicable” are evocative, funny, smooth and captivating.

They’ve been promoting their new album since the summer and have plenty of new material in the works for upcoming records. A van tour across the east coast and possibly cross country along with aspirations of making a splash in Sweden and England are without a doubt dreams soon to be fulfilled.
Dreaming in Stereo will perform at 10 p.m. on Thursday, November 12 at Tobacco Road, 626 South Miami Ave, Miami; (305) 374-1198. Visit their website at www.dreaminginstereo.net

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